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Flying at the German-Polish Baltic

In addition to the flight weather briefing and the Notam briefings in particular, the availability of aerodrome charts interesting for the pilot. In Germany, in contrast to Poland for VFR flights, the aerodrome charts and visual charts of operational airfields available for free unfortunately.

Poland - Aerodrom Charts

In Poland, the AIP on the Internet is freely available. Under and a one-time free registration, you can access the entire AIP including aerodrome charts and visual operational charts recourse. After logging in you can find on the left the structure of the AIP. In AD 4 one finds the airfield documents in order of ICAO abbreviations.

Poland Airspace (NOTAM briefing)

The Polish airspace is crisscrossed with some restricted areas. To give a quick and easy overview of active air spaces, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency a visual online service to airspace query. It should be noted that the Polish airspace G ranges in Poland up to FL95! Under Notam Poland and click on "Charts" the right window appears.

The approach charts VFR and IFR for EDAH available for registered users in the members area.



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Free Hangars

In HANGAR11 there are still free hangars for aircraft up to a span of 13.50 m.(Other widths available on request)


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